Unique Baby Gifts from the Heart

Author: Helen   Date Posted:22 July 2013 

So there is a new baby in the world and you want to send this little bundle of joy something special. Something from the heart. Something that is unique. Flowers are not as lasting as the range of wonderful baby gift baskets Hamper Me have for you to select from. Whilst they can offer the Essential Bouquet of flowers they also have a range of fabulous hampers. If you are a practical person you will also want it to be useful. With Hamper Me you can have both. A practical gift, that is from the heart.

Great Selection to Choose From

Starting with the gorgeous Giggles Newborn Baby Girl Gift box you will be gifting your new little cherub with a 23cm toy giraffe and a raft of essentials and treats such as 100% cotton, pink satin trimmed booties and singlet, baby soap for bub and sparkling wine and chocolate strawberries for mum. Don’t think the little girls get all the good stuff because the Butterfly Kisses entry level boy's hamper includes a cotton muslin baby wrap, socks, and face washer, a fine china mug, teddy bear, comfort blanket and again the same treats for mum. These two hampers will set you back less than $80.00 which is roughly the same price for a decent bunch of flowers with a single little teddy attached.

If you were hoping to really treat mum and bub, the selection to choose from just grows and grows and at very reasonable prices. This is certainly a far more unique and practical way to celebrate a new life. Both mum and bub will hold something that will last the lifetime of the child into adulthood to always remember you were there at the beginning.

It keeps getting better and better though as not only do Hamper Me have a wide selection of hampers ready to go for you to choose from they also have the ability to make to order anything your heart may desire to gift in a basket.

A hamper is a great idea for a baby shower as well. When you are looking for the right gift to share and are on the run or just want it to look perfect this is the gift for you.

Anywhere in Australia

Perhaps you are far from the action and unable to visit. Award winning Hamper Me are able to offer delivery anywhere in Australia. Contact them now at www.hamperme.com.au and choose something from their divine selection right now.