Presentation and Packaging

NEW PACKAGING for Hamper Me in 2023 !!

During 2023 we tested some new packaging ideas with a view to having all our hampers free of plastic packaging at the start of 2024.  In line with the governments National Packaging Targets for 2025 we are hoping that all the packaging in our gift boxes can be either re-used by the receiver in some way or for it to be clearly understood that it can go in your recycling bin or composted.  In other words it is made of cardboard or paper !! No complicated plastics you are not sure what to do with - is it recycling or is it not !! No need to hunt for the little recycling symbol hidden on the bottom of the package.  We are currently still using some white packing peanuts (little white foamy things) which are made of rice starch and can be totally disolved when they come in contact with water but we think we may also be able to cease using these once we have fully transitioned to the new gift boxes.  We are still running down stock of old gift boxes in some sizes but will hopefully be through these in late 2024.


We have always used glossy white or black, sometimes even coloured, gift boxes for your hampers and decorated with lots of ribbons, some paper, some plastic and of course fabric ribbons.  The glossy coloured & coated gift boxes are gone and we are now using a strong craft cardboard 1 piece mailer type box that protects your hamper items.  We are simply wrapping it in a decorative band made of paper but coloured and themed for the occassion.  While we transition to this new way of packaging we are using some fabric ribbons still, as an added feature.  We do ask for your understanding while we complete the transition as some hampers may look different to the next during this phase.  We think this new less fussy look is a more modern and sleek way to present our hampers in fully recyclable packaging.  The fabric ribbons of course can always be re-used by the receiver on another gift or in the household.


On the inside we will continue to present our hampers in the usual neat and tidy format we have always used, even taking a little extra time to make sure it looks good when the receiver opens the lid.  We no longer use bubblewrap on the glass items - this was a huge change for us!  We thought it was going to be difficult and were expecting a lot of breakages as we tested the new product - Hex Wrap !! an expandable paper that when stretched makes a hexagonal pattern and is used to wrap our breakables.  I think in the end over 6 months we had 1 breakage and that was in the early days when perhaps staff were still working out how much to use.  So getting rid of bubblewrap has actually been easy and we all think the hex paper actually looks a whole lot better than bubblewrap on the inside of your hamper.  We also use craft paper shreddings to fill small gaps or protect one product from another and it also gives that 'hamper-y' look to the inside.  So we have been delighted at how this has all worked out. The end result is all the packaging 'we' use on the inside is made of paper and everyone knows this can just go into your everyday recycling bin.


This bit hasn't changed too much, we have always used strong cardboard shipping cartons so we will continue to do this. The cartons are made here in Brisbane by a local manufacturer, a family business who has been around for over 90 years.  No cheap cardboard overseas imports. The bit that has changed is what we use around the gift box to protect it, once it goes into the shipping box - once again it was bubblewrap.  So no more bubblewrap - we are now using good old brown craft paper that comes off a roll and gets scrunched up to fill the voids and make sure your gift box isnt moving around inside the shipping box and so far unbelievably..... not a single breakage.  So we are confident this is a permenent change and it has been effective in protecting our hampers during the shipping and delivery process.

We are excited to be able to bring these changes to our hampers and completely get rid of all the plastics we were using each and every day.  We understand that some of you may not like the new gift box presentation as much and prefer the way we use to decorate with lots of ribbons in a shiny white gift box but we hope that you will give us a chance to show you that this new presentation style is still going to look good and put a smile on the face of the receiver.  However if you would like to give us any feedback we welcome your comments via our Contact Us page or via email to