The Perfect Christmas Gift for Staff

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:20 December 2012 

If you are an office manager or business owner who likes to buy gifts for their staff at Christmas, you might think the decision is a hard one or just need a fantastic idea for something that is great. Buying gifts for staff at Christmas is a wonderful way to show you appreciate the hard work they have put in over the year. It fosters a good working relationship for the following year too, as people love to be appreciated.

So, if the decision is up to you to select the perfect gift you may have considered a few alternatives. Christmas hams are quite popular; however; if any of your staff have a long trip home on a train, then taking a whopping great ham with them may not be ideal and the ham may spoil.

Bottles of wine are another popular gift. However, if your staff do not drink then the best they can do is politely decline or pass the bottle on to someone else. While this is a nice gesture on their behalf, they are then not left with anything they can enjoy themselves.

Chocolates are a very nice gift too, but what if your staff are not chocolate eaters but prefer savoury treats? Again, they can pass up this well meant gift or re-gift themselves, and again be left without a special treat for them. The best gift you can give staff this Christmas is Christmas hampers.

Suited to all tastes

Let’s face it, not everyone is the same. Whether an employee has a sweet tooth, or s/he is a savoury lover, hampers can cover both of these in one go. Because hampers are packed with a delicious assortment of goodies, there is bound to be at least a few items in there that your staff can enjoy.

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Once they have extracted the treats that they would like to enjoy themselves, then they can pass on what they do not need to family and friends or, alternatively, given the time of year, they can offer them to unexpected guests who drop in to spread Christmas cheer and well wishes. When this happens, your staff will already have a pantry with goodies to offer with tea and coffee thanks to your Christmas hamper gift.

Christmas hampers do really make the perfect staff gift. You can conveniently order them online and even have them delivered to their door for an extra special surprise and to save them taking them home themselves. To check out what is available and to select your hampers today, go to