Spoiling Your Lady For No Reason? Ditch the Flowers

Author: Emma   Date Posted:27 May 2014 

<p><strong><span style="font-size:16px;"><em><span style="font-family:georgia,serif;">Hamper Me provides the best gift baskets for all occasions. Gift items include elegant and chic sets perfect for spoiling that special lady.</span></em></span></strong>

So you are the type who likes expressing your feelings to your girl for no reason at all. The first thing that may come to your head is sending flowers, but sending these every time can become boring. Fret not because we have what you need. Our decadent beauty hampers at Hamper Me may just be the perfect gift you can give your special girl or wife. We know what the lady needs, so leave the rest to us.

Varied Choices

Our Hamper Me gift baskets for her are as varied as the personalities of different women.

  • Spa Sets - Does your lady enjoy that special treatment to get more relaxed after a stressful day at work? We have sets for at-home spa treatment or bath aromatherapy items. Choose the right scent for your special woman. Our Aroma Therapy set is sure to infuse your home with balance and harmony

  • Chocolate Pleasure - If your special girl is a chocolate lover like most women, we have baskets with fine and delectable chocolate choices. You can also choose a set of indulgent double chocolate, hot drinking chocolate and cafe-style chocolate brownies. This hot chocolate drink set comes with a chic ceramic mug for enjoying that warm drink.

  • Breakfast in Bed - There is also a Breakfast in Bed set, which is perfect for spoiling your special someone or for helping them feel better if they are feeling under the weather.

  • Gardener Set - For that girl or woman with the green thumb, we have the perfect gardener set for her. This set can include gardening kits, but the emphasis is on the after-work indulgence. Spoil your special lady with aromatherapy hand repair essentials to clean, re-hydrate and exfoliate those hardworking hands. These come perfect with bath items such as nail brush and pumice scrub. Pair that with decadent chocolates and you will surely get a thumbs-up from the green thumb.

  • Coffee or Tea - We have coffee or tea sets that will surely please your coffee-loving or tea-loving woman. Our coffee indulgence comes with gourmet coffee and a travel mug with plunger that is easy to use. This is perfectly complemented by delicious cookies and rich chocolate lava cake mix. The tea set includes fine Ceylon tea and a teacup, complemented by bath indulgence aroma therapy candles and soaps. All items are lovingly tied up in a glossy box with matching ribbons.

  • Wine - Finally, there is our wine set, perfect to give your beloved the ultimate spoilt treatment. Set the ambience right with Moet and Chandon, the world's most appreciated champagne, complemented with antipasto, roasted nuts and other savoury nibbles.