Showing Love to your Love

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:21 January 2013 

Many of us would be nowhere in this world without love. The love of our parents, our siblings and our friends is often the love that keeps us afloat when things go wrong or when we feel down. We need love from our friends and family in order for our lives to be whole. The other kind of love that can contribute greatly to this feeling of wholeness is the love of our partners.

This kind of love often becomes one that is put before all other loves in our life, particularly if it’s the ‘til death do us part’ kind of love. Those who have found romantic love in their life need to cherish and show appreciation for their partners and we just happen to be lucky enough that an old tradition like Valentine’s Day gives us a day where we can get all mushy and show someone how much we really care.

How Valentine’s Day started

It all began when Saint Valentine was jailed for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to be married. During his incarceration he healed his jailers daughter and prior to his execution it is said he wrote goodbye to her saying ‘from your Valentine.’

The day further became associated with romantic love during the high middle ages and by the 15th century lovers all over showed their love by giving confectionary, flowers and sending handwritten cards.

Valentine’s today

Today Valentine’s is still very much recognised as an important day for lovers and whilst it is now more common to see mass produced greeting cards as opposed to hand written cards, the sentiment and message they intend to convey is still very much the same.

The range of gifts to choose from for Valentine’s Day is great and this may result in some confusion about which is the best gift to choose. Some people like to give a gift that is practical whilst others like to give wildly romantic gifts.

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