Sharing Easter with Loved Ones Far Away

Author: Helen   Date Posted:20 March 2013 

It is easy enough to share in the Easter spirit with family and friends who are close by but what of the loved ones you have who are interstate? The feeling at this special time of year is that even though they are not close by, you will want to let them know you are thinking of them.

How Easter baskets began

Eating a large meal at Easter time was a traditional way of marking the end of Lent. This lasted 40 days and it was when Christians chose not to consume food for this time until Easter. At the end of this fasting period food was taken in baskets to priests to be blessed.

Getting ideas from kids

If you’re not keen on the traditional Christian idea of why baskets are given, why not take a leaf out of the children's book? For many years children have thoroughly loved the Easter egg hunt. They would race merrily around the yard or house scouting for eggs, filling their baskets with everything they could find.

The ideal Easter gift

Hampers are a wonderful gift to offer loved ones. Whether they have a sweet tooth or a taste for all things savoury, you are sure to find something perfect for them. In the range of Easter hampers you will find all sorts of sweet treats and even adult treats such as a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream but if you don’t find the very thing in this category, there is nothing to stop you from shopping in the other sections.

Whatever reason you decide to give gift hampers at Easter time, the end result is still the same. They truly are the most ideal gift to give, especially to relatives who are interstate. For a small charge, your Easter hamper of choice will be delivered direct to your friends and family who live in Australia. Beautifully presented and full of delicious treats, who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a hamper at Easter time!

You can even choose to spoil your friends and family who live nearby with a hamper for Easter; you can have the hamper delivered to them as a nice surprise or have it delivered straight to you so you can take it to them.

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