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Author: Helen   Date Posted:6 October 2013 

In a world where everything is moving at breakneck speed, contact with clients is of necessity becoming more and more impersonal. To counter this trend, companies look for ways to show clients that doing business with them is valued. As the use of the long business lunch to show appreciation is fading, corporate gift baskets are on the ascendency.

Enter Hamper Me, where we understand that businesses ordering our corporate gift baskets are relying on us to deliver a quality product that makes a statement to their client. They are keeping a business relationship alive through us and our role is to design something that the client will remember, well after the contents have been consumed.

Many of our business customers choose corporate gift baskets from the large range of hampers we display on our web site. Every taste is catered for including the chocoholics, wine buffs, nut fanciers, confectionary connoisseurs and those with a palate for unique blends of fruits, garnishes and deli spoils. All hampers are carefully packed in beautifully designed and trimmed boxes, and accompanied by gift cards bearing special messages.

Ask for a Customised Gift Basket – Company Logo Optional

A unique feature of our service is our customised gift baskets and we now find that over 50% of our corporate clients prefer us to design something especially for them. This approach has the added advantage of including items that carry the company logo and is an excellent way of making the most of the marketing budget.

There are several things that set Hamper Me apart from our competitors. One is our presentation, and we try to be flawless in every aspect. We take exceptional care with packaging so the contents arrive in excellent condition. Every individual hamper item is checked for freshness and quality, and packed into the most elegant and beautiful gift boxes. We want the recipient to experience the feeling of opening something wonderful so the emotion of the moment stays with them, along with fond memories of the gift giver.

Staunch Supporter of Locally Grown and Manufactured Products

Another aspect is that as a local business ourselves, we support local industries, so we offer the best wines, gourmet foods, chocolates and other products from our own country. Many of our suppliers are small family businesses showing the world the quality and unique foods and beverages they produce. By using them in our gift baskets we are creating an opportunity for these products to become better known.

We have some wonderful testimonials on our website from thrilled clients who experienced our quality and service, and wanted to tell others. There is also a photo gallery of all our gift baskets and their contents. Go along to to see for yourself what we can offer you.