A Time For Celebrating Mum

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:13 May 2011 

There are many celebrations throughout the year but none as special as days that celebrate real people such as mum and dad. So where do celebration’s such as Mother’s Day originate from? The origin of this religious festival can be dated back to the Greek and Roman Empires very early on in that culture. This festival was set aside to honour mum in the springtime. Gifting mum was one of the many traditions that have sprung from this early celebration. These early festivals could sometimes go on for days, the one common feature in them was the honour that was paid to mothers everywhere.

The contemporary origin of Mother’s Day started in the United States. An American author named Julia Ward Howe stated that a day should be put aside specially for Mother’s Day.

At that time, she was not taken seriously but continued to honour her mother who dedicated her life towards raising a family of eleven children. After the second anniversary of her mothers death, she convinced her mothers parish in West Virginia into celebrating Mother’s Day. The church was decorated in white carnations which was her mother’s favourite flower. The idea of gift hampers Brisbane was not then a concept that was thought of, but in later, more modern years became the perfect gift idea for many.

With all these different origins, the one thing about these celebrations, no matter where they came from, they still have one idea in common and that is the tradition of giving a gift to mum to say thank you and honour her for all thatfshe has done. A mother is a very important part in all of our lives, whether she was the one that gave birth to us, adopted us or fostered us, a mother still plays an important role for all of us and for that she deserves the honour of her very own special day in which she is showered with gifts of love that come from the heart.

A quote from author Marion C Garretty: “A Mother's love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” is such a very true statement. The love and encouragement of a mother can enable all of us to reach our full potential. Love is something that every mother such as that quote envisions should be celebrated. To put a smile on mums face a gift hamper Sydney is the perfect gift and should be filled with all mums favourite treats.

So if you have a mum who has done everything for you and given you the love and upbringing that has enabled you to go far, then she deserves the best gift you can possibly give her.