What’s Best for Meeting New Babies

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:13 March 2012 

New babies are very exciting for the parents, their families and even their friends. There is something very special about a newborn baby and everyone wants to be close and feel a little bit of the joy that they bring. Grandparents in particular get overwhelmed with love and excitement about their new grandchild and want to be there for every bit of this new life. While the parents naturally appreciate all of the enthusiasm for their little one, it can become overwhelming when they have only just given birth. It may be hard to understand but considerate relatives and friends should give some space to the family and their new member.

New babies need time.

Well meaning relatives and friends may want to rush to meet the new baby and offer their very useful baby gift baskets, but they really need to stop and consider how this new being is feeling. Birth can be quite traumatic for some babies and it’s certainly an exhausting process for them to go through. The act of birth is a natural and wonderful thing, but this doesn’t mean it is easy. Of course none of us would remember our births but it is the first big challenge of our lives and for some, it lasts for many hours and it’s not only the mum or the doctors that get us out. Babies instinctively work hard to get themselves down the birth canal if the birth is a natural one or if there is any intervention then this will add to the physical stresses this new little body has to endure. New babies need time to rest and recuperate. They are new to this world and there is many new strange things they need time to adjust to. Babies in particular need time to learn to breast feed and bond with their mum and dad. Passing a new born baby around for people to have a hold is not good for them, particularly if they are asleep.

Mums need time.

It’s no secret that women can be exhausted after giving birth, however it happens. While many mums may feel energised and ready to take on the world, it is adrenaline keeping them going and it’s so they can function for their new babies and no one else. With feeding every couple of hours, establishing breastfeeding and getting to know their new creation, a mum doesn’t want to have to think about anything else. It’s wonderful to receive well wishes and gift baskets for their new babies as these make ideal gifts packed with very helpful items, however if the new parents ask for time to allow themselves and their baby adjust to this world, then their request should be respected.

There is plenty of time for new babies to explore the world and know that there are others in it, other than mum and dad, but in the beginning, allow them time to breathe.