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Looking for information on what makes Christmas Hampers a good choice?

If you are looking for the perfect last minute gift for a family member or friend, the easiest solution is to jump online and check out what Hamper Me has to offer. They have a fantastic range of delicious Christmas hampers that are ideal for people of all ages and tastes.

Christmas time has rolled around quickly and again we are thinking of what we can get for our family and friends. Sometimes this can be a tricky feat if the people we are to buy gifts for have just about everything or if they are a distant relative whom we don’t know that well.

The shops are already in crazy mode so travelling there and fighting for a car park is not the idea of a good time for many. Thanks to the internet, many of us enjoy the comfort and convenience of shopping online for our presents all year round and Christmas is no exception.

Don’t live close by?

If a Christmas present recipient doesn’t live close by, that’s no problem. For a flat  fee, we will deliver nationally to all major cities so your chosen gift arrives in pristine condition. This is a wonderful idea if you are unable to be with the ones you care about at Christmas so they know you are still thinking of them.


When only the best will do

At Hamper Me, we select the finest quality ingredients to go into each of our baskets so that each bite or sip taken is thoroughly enjoyed. From nuts, sweet treats, bubbly, wine and keepsake gifts, we have it all and they are beautifully packaged for you.

We offer a huge range of Christmas baskets to choose from. However, if you don’t find the very thing you are looking for, don’t let that stop you. We have ‘chocolate hampers’ ‘lollies and sweets’ ‘spirits, port and liqueurs’ sections and more for you to browse.

Fear not; if you still don’t find what you’re after, why not contact us or send an enquiry online to find out if we can custom make your perfect gift and discuss your budget? We proudly offer a great service to many regular clients and will gladly welcome any enquiries you have regarding our product and how we can help you.

To check out our Christmas range visit or for a great selection under $60, click here The best Christmas present you have given yet is just a click away.

With Christmas approaching people start to think about who is on their list, what to get and what their budget is. With Christmas being touted as the time of giving, we all like to think our gifts are well received and appreciated. This can be easy enough when you are buying for your close friends, family and partner. Knowing what to get for those you see on a regular basis can be all too easy as you get to know their likes and dislikes. But there is always a few people on the list you may not know so well, and here is where you may be stumped for ideas.

Choosing a gift for all types

There is no need to be stumped for great gift ideas when you have Christmas gift hampers to consider. Whether your gift is for family you don’t know so well or a workplace secret Santa, this fantastic gift solution covers a broad range of tastes and styles and packages them up beautifully. There are hampers with nibbles and hampers with drinks, hampers with keepsakes and hampers with useful household items. The Christmas hampers available are sure to please everyone. You name that delectable treat; you can find a hamper that has it. Nuts to nibble, chocolate to devour, a bottle of red to savour or champagne to swish. Of course there is a hamper available with a very tempting Newcastle Pudding Lady Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce - ready to heat, serve and enjoy. After all, what would a Christmas hamper be without pudding? Of course if you don’t think pudding would be their cup of tea then the Bush Christmas hamper is packed with so many gourmet delights there wouldn’t be any room for pudding anyway!

Christmas shopping convenience

Naturally at Christmas time everything is a little busier and there is a lot more to organise than usual. The shops can be a nightmare and if they can be avoided, it’s nice not to have to go. Thank god for shopping at home. The beauty about shopping for gift hampers is that it can be done online at home, or your office or wherever you have the access. It’s simply a matter of selecting which hamper or hampers you would like, the quantity and then making a secure online payment. Voila! For those that will be really stretched for time or who are geographically challenged you can have your hamper delivered direct to the recipient for a small fee.

From Christmas hampers to baby gift baskets, gift hampers are great gift that can’t ever be wrong. Impress those you are not so close to by getting them the best give they can get this Christmas.

There’s plenty to organise at Christmas. Family and friends have to decide whose place they will get together at, who will be there and who is to provide lunch. In an office environment there is planning to do for the lunch you will have on the last day before holidays and budgets for gifts to abide by. You also need to decide who you will buy presents for and what you will buy them. Whether your gift buying is family and friend related or work related, you don’t want to miss out on making sure you have the gift you want and you don’t want it to be stressful to acquire.

Buying in comfort.

The beauty of Christmas gift hampers is they can be bought online. Not only does this mean it can be done from the comfort of your own home or office, it means you beat the Christmas shopping rush. The shops are notorious for being a crazy place to be at Christmas time. Along with the car park shuffle and possibly taking more time to find a park than you can spare, you have to fight the crowds indoors. People pushing and jostling past you and then waiting in line to be served can spoil your Christmas spirit and make shopping for gifts less fun. By buying your hampers online you not only avoid all the unnecessary drama, you save fuel and therefore, money. Saving fuel, saving time, avoiding stress, why would you buy your Christmas gifts any other way?

Avoid disappointment.

Along with buying presents there are the other expenses that come with Christmas. You will probably be buying food, drinks and possibly holding a few get togethers. This means it’s very likely you will have to have your Christmas buying budget sorted ahead of time. If this is the case it would be wise to pre-order your Christmas hampers ahead of time. That way, you know any available money after purchasing can go onto other things and you are guaranteed you won’t miss out on the hampers you want. While there is always every effort made to ensure there is plenty of Christmas hampers in stock there can be, at times, unavoidable stock run outs. Particularly if your hamper order is a business one and you would like to place a bulk order, you will be giving the supplier enough notice to honour this and avoid being told the amount you wish is unavailable.

Hampers like Christmas hampers and baby gift baskets can be in high demand. By getting in early to place your order everyone will achieve the outcome they want and Christmas will be merry all round.

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