The Ideal Gift for Property Buyers

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:8 May 2012 

Buying a home has many benefits. The benefits that the buyers will end up are fairly obvious, but there are others that benefit from the sale of a property. Real estate agents stand to make a gain when someone purchases a property through them and so it’s only normal, and wise, that they should want to show thanks for the buyers business. Some may give a bottle of bubbly to hand over with the keys on settlement but there is something much more decadent that will impress much more.

Gift hampers are a great thanks gift to present to buyers who have purchased through your real estate. There is something quite exciting about receiving a gift hamper; the assortment of goodies inside that the recipient gets to go through and select which they will try first makes it more stimulating than a bottle of bubbly that will just go in the fridge. Because gift hampers always have a few different nibbles and treats in each one it means that if the happy new home owners have any unexpected guests pop in they will have something to offer with a celebratory drink.

The other benefits for a real estate to give hampers to their new buyers is that hampers can be delivered, this way, if they want, they can increase the pleasant surprise by having the hamper delivered straight to the buyers new address. This can also add convenience as sometimes the agent is unable to be at the office at the time the keys are picked up. One minute the buyer is walking happily with the keys to their new home and the next they are all the more thrilled when later they are handed a beautifully presented gift hamper at their door. But no sense in stopping there.

Gift baskets can have items added with the clients logo to ensure that the recipient remembers them later on. For example, key rings with the name and contact details of the real estate make a nice addition to the new house keys and ensures that later if it comes to re-sale or renting the home owner will have the details of a reputable real estate right there on their keys! Fridge magnets also make a nice addition as many of us know we pin a million things on our fridges and another fridge magnet can always come in handy.

Why not make an enquiry today about bulk orders and be prepared to impress your buyers. Go the extra mile to keep your name in the minds of new clientele.