Writing Well Received Greeting Messages

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:20 April 2012 

It can be hard at times to know the correct thing to say, particularly when someone is having a difficult time due to the loss of a loved one or illness.  Some people are lucky and have a natural knack for saying the right thing at the right time, but many do not.  Whether the words are to convey sympathy, love or pride, words are a very important tool used to get someone’s feelings across.  If you are one of the many who could do with a few tips, then keep reading.

When it comes time to send gift baskets Brisbane you will do well in your message if you remember three simple ‘rules’ about writing a note.  These three things will make connecting with your recipient and sending a heartfelt message a lot easier.

1.Before you begin, think clearly about the person your message is for and your direct connection with them.

2.Then try to imagine how the person your message is for may feel about this particular occasion and how it will affect them. Reflect on the occasion yourself.

3.Finally, connect your feelings about the person, the occasion and how they may be feeling together in a ‘circle’ and write a message that falls within the circle of these things.

When it’s for sympathy.

There are all sorts of moments in someone’s life when others want to offer them sympathy.  Offering sympathy in the right manner is one of the trickiest things to do on paper.  At such a sensitive time it can be easy to accidentally say something that may be considered poor taste.  Always offer encouragement and avoid statements like, ‘It could have been worse’ or ‘at least they had a happy and full life’.  Saying things like this or talking about looking out for the ‘silver lining’ is tacky and clichéd, while these statements may sound like they are offering sympathy, the recipient may not see it this way.  If you make an offer of assistance, be sincere about it, don’t offer help without the intent to come through.  Don’t use words like ‘tragic’ and don’t give pity or advice. 

When it’s for a happy occasion.

These kind of messages are a lot easier to come up with.  In all areas, consider carefully the recipient and their particular sense of humour.  Before you poke fun at them for getting another year older on their birthday ask yourself if they would appreciate this kind of joke, if not, don’t do it.  You may like to send a very thoughtful message with your Mother’s Day hampers this year.  Remember to keep your message sincere and from the heart, your mum is sure to love it.