Corporate Hampers To Thank Your Clients

Author: Chris   Date Posted:25 June 2019 

Christmas time, a time for giving, celebrating, resting and planning for the New Year ahead. If you run a successful business then you will be no doubt doing the latter, thinking about creating more business, about gaining new clientele and of course keeping and maintaining a good rapport with your current key clients. Thanking your staff for their hard work throughout the year is one thing, but with clients you want to thank them whilst ensuring they will continue to enjoy the products or services you provide them with. Sending a Christmas card from the whole team to say thanks is nice, but there is no individuality or flair in it.

Stand out from the crowd

If you have ever had the job of opening mail in an office you may know that at Christmas time quite a few greeting cards arrive with the usual well wishes and thanks for support, and they go on the wall or reception desk along with all the other cards and not one in particular stands out. But you want your sentiments and your business to stand out, it’s what you have strived to achieve all year round so why stop now? Christmas hampers are a fantastic way to award your key clients with much deserved thanks and get your business name embedded in their minds for the New Year. The delight and gratitude people feel when they receive a gift that is full of scrumptious treats and goodies that are beautifully presented and useful will far outweigh the feelings any Christmas card could bring about.

What’ll it be?

As a base product, there is a great range of hampers to choose from with a big variety of indulgences. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic hampers, hampers with nibbles, condiments for bbqs, cooking and hampers with items that can be kept such as tea towels and cooking utensils. You should also not feel limited to what is available to look at on the net, if you want to put in a special inquiry to mix and match a few items then don’t be afraid to ask. The part that will have you remembered when your client is next looking to purchase is the extra gifts you add yourself. Office consumables such as pens, calendars and even mugs with your company logo are sure to get your name out there and in plain sight. You could even think about including discount vouchers for purchases from your company that will not only come in handy for your client but will encourage further business.

Corporate hampers are an ideal way to thank your clients and have them remember your business when the New Year comes around, you could say hampers are a gift that have the potential to give back as in the long run, everyone is happy.