Dinner Party Etiquette

Author: Helen   Date Posted:21 January 2014 

The New Year is a time when many friends and family get together for dinner parties. Those who have not been able to get together for Christmas or those who just want to catch up and celebrate new beginnings choose this time for reunions.

Sharing the task of a dinner party

In the past, the standard deal for dinner parties was that the host prepared the meal leaving nothing for the guests to be concerned with. At these times, guests may have taken a bottle of wine to their host as a show of appreciation.

These days, however, dinner parties are a bit more about sharing the workload. Particularly when money can be tight, hosts ask guests to bring a plate or something to share. As a result, this lessens the work the host has to do as far as preparing a meal and also alleviates some of the spending that is involved with putting on a dinner party.

Host providing the meal

If your host is being good enough to provide the meal then it is most certainly the polite thing to not show up empty handed. Even when people say there is no need to bring anything, it is still a show of good manners to bring a little something along.

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Taking something to share

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