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Author: Helen   Date Posted:29 July 2015 

It’s tough to buy Australian-made goods these days but at Hamper Me, we strive to source our products from Australian-owned businesses that source their ingredients locally.

The Byron Bay Cookie Company makes delicious, award-winning biscuits in a range of gourmet and gluten-free flavours, including Rocky Road, Milk Choc Chunk, Triple Choc Fudge, Lemon and Macadamia Nut and their most popular, White Choc Chunk and Macadamia Nut. Their cookies are now exported overseas and have even been to the Academy Awards inside gift bags for the A-list celebrities!

This company also tries to do its bit for the environment by using bleach-free, recyclable packaging and sending its products overseas by sea instead of by air. Hamper Me supports these and other environmentally friendly initiatives wherever possible.

You will find the Byron Bay Cookie Company products in many of our beautiful gift boxes. Our Sweet Lavender hamper includes White Choc Chunk and Macadamia cookies in a 200g retro style tin. In the Cocoa and Vanilla hamper you will find a 150g pack of Triple Choc Fudge cookies. Both of these hampers are very popular for female recipients. The classy Hamlet hamper has a twin snackpack of my favourite, Lemon and Macadamia Nut shortbreads. And several of our larger hampers, popular as sharing gifts, contain various other Byron Bay cookie products. The Complete Entertainer, Simply Addicted and Chocolate Bliss are just three of these.

To find out which of our other gourmet hampers include Byron Bay products, simply type Byron Bay in the search field on the upper left-hand corner of our website:

And don’t forget, each hamper is made to order as the order arrives, so if something on the list of contents is not to the recipient’s taste, we are happy to change the products to suit. Why not surprise someone you love today! Helen

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