Get a Feel Good Start To The New Year

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:14 January 2015 

<p><strong><span style="font-size:16px;"><em><span style="font-family:georgia,serif;">Start the New Year on the right foot by presenting friends, family or colleagues with a gift hamper from Hamper Me.</span></em></span></strong></p> &nbsp;</p>

The silly season is done and dusted and as we head into the New Year we set about our plans of making this year a more positive and prosperous one. Often we think about what we can have in our lives that will make us feel better, happier and more fulfilled.

At Hamper Me we would like to remind you that there is an abundance of happiness to be had by giving. Just like at Christmas, your new year can be made just as joyful by giving to others. Now that the dust has settled on Christmas and New Years Eve it is time to touch base with those you didn’t get to see over that period or whom you didn’t see enough of.

Well wishes for the New Year

When you catch up with family and friends or head back to work in the New Year we all wish each other well with a bright “happy New Year”. Why not add to the cheer by presenting them with a gift hamper from our amazing range at Hamper Me?

Now, before you think that everyone would have received enough at Christmas it’s important to remember that most people are focused on what they are buying for others during this time. In the whirlwind of gift buying, eating and drinking at Christmas it is never just about one individual; it’s about everyone.

Giving someone close to you or a work colleague a gift hamper when you see them will make them feel special. They are more than likely a little worn out from all the Christmas rush and they would like nothing more than to relax and enjoy some tasty nibbles with a nice drink.

Of course, there are leftovers from Christmas Day but this is usually ham and salads. All of the tasty sweet treats and delicious savoury nibbles would have been long eaten by hordes of visiting family and friends. By offering a hamper for New Year well wishes you replenish the supply of yummy nibbles and keep the cheer going.

How this works for you

Giving a gift basket to offer well wishes makes you feel good; this is how you benefit. Making someone feel special at the end of a wonderful but tiring part of the year shows that you care and that you honestly wish them well.

As the old saying goes “It is better to give than receive”, so get online today and order your gift from Hamper Me for great feel-good feelings to start the year.


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