A colourful Easter in 2019

Author: Helen   Date Posted:4 March 2019 

Easter is a colourful occasion and a great time to indulge in some craft projects. One of the most popular craft ideas is hand decorated eggs. Eggs can be hand blown and decorated in so many elaborate and beautiful ways using soft pastels or super vibrant colours like red, green and yellow.

They can then be placed in a basket or bowl as a feature piece on your table or side table during Easter.  Or find some branches in the garden or park and hang your eggs from the branches. Lots of fun can be had along the way to making and decorating these eggs. Kids of all ages can enjoy an egg decorating project and you all get to admire the results as a centrepiece in your home. There is so much inspiration online about the different ways you can decorate, so take a look and find a colour scheme you love. 

For a quick start guide here are the instructions on how to prepare your eggs before you begin decorating.

  1. Take your egg and using a metal skewer make a small hole in one end of the egg.
  2. Turn the egg over and make a slightly larger hole in the other end, keeping it over the sink or a bowl to catch any egg.
  3. Place a needle of pin in one of the holes to try and break up and mix the yolk with the white so the contents will come out easily.
  4. Clean and wash the outside of the egg and then blow through the smaller hole until the egg has emptied.
  5. Place the egg in a bowl of soapy water to clean it and run the water through the inside and blow out in a similar way.
  6. Let your egg dry out and it will be ready for decorating.

Then all that’s left to do is to dig through the family arts and crafts drawer for some paints, felt pens or water colours and let your inner artist take over.

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