A Corporate Christmas in July

Author: Helen   Date Posted:26 July 2019 

Christmas in July has been popular for some time now and there appears to be a small variety of reasons for this. Some like to have Christmas in July as that is when we have our colder months here; so during these cold months there is a ‘Christmassy’ mood.

On the other hand, others like to celebrate Christmas in July because the Christmas period in December can be so hectic with all the shopping and extra get-togethers that they like to spread out the festivities. Whatever the reason, it seems to be a fad that is catching on and plenty of businesses like to do it too.

Thinking of your clients

Whether it is your business that does Christmas in July or a client who does Christmas in July, it is the perfect opportunity to send a gift to celebrate and say thanks for their custom. Giving gifts is a wonderful way to show you appreciate a client and in doing so you are more likely to invite further business from them.

A clever marketing ploy you could use is to include your logo on your gift stationary items such as pens, mugs, calendars and more. These items will no doubt be placed on the desks of employees and so placing your company name forever in their sights.

What to give?

The next decision you make is what to give. The best decision to make is that you give something unique. Considering that July is a cold month, people want to snuggle under blankets and eat comfort food.

And that’s where your answer lies-with food. Gift hampers are the ideal gift at this time of year because they are packed with delightful tasting items to suit every taste. From sweet to savoury and for those who like to enjoy a warming alcoholic beverage in the evening.

Buying online hampers means you can easily peruse what is available and just have it sent to your client or sent to yourself for personal delivery. Hamper Me have a fantastic range of corporate hampers and also other sections you can check out too.

If you have only a couple of clients you wish to buy for, you can do this yourself, although, for bulk orders you can contact the helpful team at Hamper Me and ask for a quote. Visit Hamper Me online today at http://www.hamperme.com.au/ so you are ready for Christmas in July.