Using Gift Hampers in Real Estate

Author: Carol   Date Posted:9 July 2010 

Buying or selling a house is a major event in most peoples' lives. It can also be a very stressful experience, which is why it pays to track down a reliable and experienced real estate agent. One trick of the trade that many top-notch real estate agents use is giving gift hampers Sydney to home buyers and home sellers. There are many great reasons to use gift baskets Sydney in real estate; you can learn more about it below!

Welcome Home!

Once all of the negotiations have been done, the contracts have been signed and the house has officially changed hands, the buyers of a new home may feel a bit overwhelmed. While they're sure to throw a housewarming party down the road, a top-notch real estate agent can get the ball rolling by presenting them with a first-rate gift hamper. It's a great way to start breaking in a new home, and it's one gesture that is sure to be well-received.

Thanks for the House!

When an agent works with someone to sell a house, a relationship can form. Many twists and turns can occur during the process, which prompts a feeling of closeness and, sometimes, of friendship. When the transaction is complete, it's nice to cap things off in a friendly and memorable way. That's why many real estate agents present home sellers with gift baskets. Whether they're stuffed with delectable chocolates or filled with teas and coffees, gift hampers are delightful ways to tell someone "thanks" for their business.

Garnering Repeat Business

Like other businesspersons, real estate agents generally aim to get as much repeat business as possible. After all, many people buy and sell several homes during their lives. A real estate agent's top goal should be having previous customers use their services again. A great way to do that is by closing a transaction on a memorable note - and gift baskets are exceptional ways to do so. The right basket will stick in a client's mind; when they need to buy or sell a house in the future, they'll remember their agent's generosity and are more likely to call them.

A Great Marketing Tool

Whether they're presented to home buyers or home sellers, there's no question that gift hampers are great marketing tools. They are much more personal than a simple bouquet of flowers or a gift voucher, and they usually last a lot longer, too. Real estate agents can tuck their business cards into the baskets that they give out, ensuring that people remember who they are. When visitors stop by, they're sure to ask who gave such a lovely gift hamper; when the agent's name is given, word-of-mouth advertising kicks into full gear.