Give The New Bub Something Special With Gift Hampers

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:13 March 2010 

New Baby gift ideas delivered to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia. Hand decorated and the perfect gift for a new Mum

Figuring out the ideal gift to give a new bub can be a tricky thing. New mums are usually inundated with many great items, and standing out from the crowd can be difficult. If you're looking for a keen way to say hello to a friend's new child and really want to dazzle them, baby gift baskets are always a prime choice. Find out more about why they are such great options by reading on below.

In Lieu Of Flowers, Send Gift Hampers Sydney

Although flowers are pretty and smell really good, they don't provide much in the way of practical benefits for new mums or bubs. Since mother and child are bound to receive several bouquets and arrangements, sending along yet another one is a surefire way to get lost in the shuffle. By sending a nice gift basket, you can stand out from all of the flowers and really thrill your friend.

Items That Mum Will Love

New mums are often quite overwhelmed - and very exhausted - as they take care of their new bub. Gift baskets are great because they are stuffed full of useful, practical and very unique items that she will actually be able to make use of. Cute keepsakes are combined with useful items like washers and bottles to create something that is special and fun. Looking back, your friend will always remember who sent her the lovely gift hamper - and the items in it will be cherished for years.

Make A Lasting Impression

In the tangle of bouquets and traditional baby gifts that a new mum is bound to receive, a baby gift hamper is really going to sparkle and shine. Imagine her surprise when it arrives, and all of the fun that she will have when she opens it up and goes through it. More likely than not, she will write about it in the baby book, commemorating it so that it is always remembered. Years from now, she will flip through the pages of that book and smile as she remembers receiving your delightful and very useful gift basket.

Congratulate Her With Style From Afar

Just because you live super far away from someone who is expecting a new baby, doesn't mean that you can't take part in their special day. Order her a baby gift basket and send your well wishes from across the country. When your basket arrives, the new mum is bound to be positively thrilled and is sure to call you right up and thank you for your thoughtfulness. Gift baskets are easy, convenient and lovely ways of showing a new mum that you care - and of welcoming a new bub into the world.