Give Your Co-Worker A Hamper for Their New Arrival

Author: Jackie   Date Posted:22 March 2010 

When a co-worker is expecting a new baby, the entire office or workplace is likely eager to help them celebrate their new arrival. Finding a special and unique way to help your co-worker celebrate this monumental event can be a bit challenging, though; most often, flowers are the standard choice. Instead of giving them the same old thing, you and your co-workers should consider baby gift baskets instead.

Pass Those Flowers By

Chances are, your co-worker is going to be inundated with bouquets and flower arrangements as soon as their new bub arrives. Family members and friends will probably be dropping flowers off for several days; in fact, your co-worker could end up positively awash in flowers. Instead of blending in with all of those other efforts, you could purchase gift hampers Sydney and give them a real thrill. In a sea of bouquets, your gift hamper will stand out in a very positive way.

Get Everyone in on the Act

Since there are baby gift hampers available in a huge array of sizes, shapes, styles, themes and configurations, it's easy to find one that will suit your own budget. However, you could really surprise and please your co-worker by having the rest of the staff at your workplace chip in. By collecting money from everyone else in the office, you could easily afford a truly magnificent gift basket. Your other co-workers will be happily relieved to be able to contribute, since it will save them the trouble of finding something themselves.

Welcome Them Back in Style

If your co-worker is a new mum, she will more than likely be taking some time off when the new baby arrives. Instead of giving her a gift basket right after the new bub arrives, you could present her with it when she finally returns to the office. By that time, all of the excitement about the new baby will have died down and she will be that much more astonished by your thoughtful and lovely gift. Whether she chooses to bring it back home - or opts to share it with others - it's bound to be very appreciated.

Give an Array of Charming Keepsakes

There are many different options when it comes to baby gift baskets, but one of the more intriguing choices is a basket that's chock full of charming little keepsakes. Sometimes, such hampers also include useful items, like washers, that new mums and dads can put to good use. By giving your co-worker such a thoughtful gift, you're helping them out and providing them with things that will be remembered for many years to come. In the flurry of baby gifts they'll be receiving, a stylish gift basket is bound to be a highlight.