Great Father's Day gift ideas

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Author: Jackie   Date Posted: 6 July 2011  

The majority of Dads in the world offer a great amount to their kids. They drive you to sport on a Saturday morning instead of sleeping in. They take you to dance class in the evenings instead of putting his feet up and reading a book. He taught you to ride a bike, play ball and he probably helped you along the way to your very first steps. Whether your Dad is your biological father or your step father, it is very likely he has been a great figure in your life. That’s why father’s day is so special.

Gift hampers the ideal gift.

Father’s day hampers are the best gift a dad can get. Because there are so many different dads in the world there are so many different tastes. Not all Dads like the same thing, despite what you might think. Sure Dad has smiled many times over many occasions and thanked you for the pair of socks you gave him or the tie he never wears, but that’s not really something he can enjoy. And that is what your gift should be, something Dad can really enjoy. The great thing about hampers is there are hampers with alcohol for Dads who enjoy a tipple here and there, and for the Dads who don’t; there are hampers with no alcohol. Every hamper contains some yummy goodies to set Dads taste buds singing, it’s just a matter of which tasty treats you will choose. Hampers containing something that Dad can keep afterwards to remember your gift will be a hit. The options are nearly endless and if you can’t find anything in the father’s day hamper section, there are always the other areas you can choose from, the only rule is to buy Dad something he will love.

Not close by? No problem.

Too often in our lives we find ourselves further from our loved ones than we would like to be. Usually this is because of work commitments. You may be in another country due to a lucrative career role that came your way or you could be posted abroad in Afghanistan. The mines in Mt Isa may have proven a fruitful place for you to be or an oil rig in North QLD. Whatever your situation, if you fall under any category that has you living away from your Dad, you won’t be able to visit for Fathers Day. Thankfully there is the option to have your gift hamper delivered nationally across Australia for a small fee. A small price to pay when you know Dad will get the message you are thinking of him for Fathers Day.

Gift hampers are a great way to spoil your friends and family. A Fathers Day gift hampershows that what your Dad has done for you really counts.

Author: Jackie   Date Posted: 27 June 2011  

Where would we be without our Dads? Countless times when we were little they protected us from injury or consoled us when we had one. Dads are the guys who act as your jungle gym when you are a toddler and let you break his back with every effort. Dads are the guys who always try to offer their advice on finances, buying homes and the really brave ones try to offer relationship advice. One thing is for sure, it takes a real man to be a Dad. Parenting is not an easy task and that’s why Fathers Day is so important.
Dads with different tastes.

There are so many different Dads around and that is why you need a great assortment of father’s day hampers to choose from. Some Dads like beer, some like wine, some like spirits. Most Dads like yummy treats to nibble on and just the kind varies. From chips, chocolate and nuts to BBQ essentials. You are bound to find something your Dad is going to love. There are hampers available with more than just edible, consumable products, quite a few have items that can be kept and reused so Dad can remember the day you got him the best present ever. The Aussie BBQ hamper has an apron, basting brush and tongs for the Dad who likes to cook up a storm in the back yard. Or for the Dads who do their socializing on the go, the Beer and nibbles hamper contains a cooler bag to keep his beverages refreshing. With more metrosexual men around, there would no doubt be those with a Dad who likes to keep his appearance neat and tidy. For this Dad, the Manscape hamper is ideal. It contains The Aromatherapy Company Man Giftpack which contains shaving cream, facial scrub and a loofah sponge as well as face and body shampoo.

For Dads not near but far

It would be a good feeling to visit your Dad on Father’s day with a beautiful gift hamper full of all the goodies he loves best. But in a lot of cases, Dads are not close by for visiting. Thankfully, gift hampers can be delivered straight to your Dads door if he lives interstate or is away on business or holidays. For a small fee your hamper can be delivered Australia wide and your Dad won’t miss out on being shown you appreciate everything he has done for you over the years. And if you order on time your hamper can be delivered the very next week day so Dad won’t think you have forgotten.

You are not limited to the Fathers Day gift hampers section and can choose anything you like. The only specification on buying Dad a gift is that it should put a smile on his face for Fathers Day.

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Who doesn’t like treats?

Everybody likes a tasty treat every now and then, even the most disciplined eater can be swayed from time to time with delights to tempt the taste buds and that is why beautiful hampers are so popular.

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No time like the present.

Sydney staff that are putting in the extra yards for the company are very valuable team members to have. Working through lunches or back late to meet deadlines and coming in for a few hours on a weekend are very committed actions to take for a job. It is these kinds of team members that help keep Sydney corporate clients running smoothly and without them it would be harder for a supervisor to meet their own work commitments. Waiting for the end of the year may seem like a logical thing to do but it is actually so much more wise and special to thank staff for their hard work straight away. By waiting for the end of the year there is the risk of staff feeling as though their efforts have been overlooked and lose the motivation to continue to work hard. Where immediate gratitude is showed a staff member is more likely to continue striving to work above and beyond expectation.

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A Sydney New Years Eve is a time when many friends and family get together for dinner parties. Those who have not been able to get together for Christmas or those who just want to catch up and celebrate new beginnings choose this time for reunions.

Taking something to share in Sydney

Sharing is caring as the saying goes but when you are sharing something to really delight the taste buds, the occasion will be long remembered. When everyone else is taking a plate of food to share, why not take a gift hamper full of goodies for after dinner?

Forget the cheese platter or the rich dessert, you can find a hamper with some wine and other delicious goodies that will provide everyone with a few things to try. Variety is the spice of life in Sydney and with a hamper you get to taste a little bit of everything.

Online convenience in Sydney

Travelling to the shops in Sydney is no longer your only option for buying gifts and this makes the task a far easier one to execute. Thanks to the internet, there is so much to see and buy that was never there before, and there is nothing you can’t get.

Choosing the best gift hamper in Sydney

With so much on offer to buy as gifts it can be confusing as to which gift is going to say the right thing, convey the right feeling and of course, get the most appreciation. Part of gift giving is about feeling the joy of knowing you have chosen the right gift, but what is it?

The trick for gift giving is thinking about what the recipient likes. Often people buy a gift because they like it and so the recipient may end up giving a hollow "thank you" as the gift is not really to their liking.


Gifts for Him.

Great selection of the perfect gift for Men.

For some reason, men are incredibly hard to shop for; there just aren't as many gifts that are geared toward guys. Thankfully, there are now gift hampers available that are designed especially with blokes in mind, offering a quick and easy way for you to show the man in your life that you care. In addition to a great array of beer themed gift baskets, there are also hampers designed for guys that are chock full of the tasty treats he loves. Things like pickled onions, cashews, liquorice and Toblerone bars are crammed in to one popular choice. Other baskets boast grilling accessories for the man who likes to cook meat outdoors.  Golf gift hampers are always a hit with the guy who likes to hit the golf course from time to time. Men who like to look - and smell - their absolute best are sure to be thrilled with a gift basket featuring upscale grooming products and toiletries. There really is something for everyone, and you don't have to get yourself all worked up trying to find the right thing anymore - there's sure to be a perfect gift hamper for the guy in your life.

Fathers Day 2016 - Great gifts for Dad delivered to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia

Fathers Day Gift Hamper.

Wide selection of gift hampers including craft beer, chilli, whisky and mustards. Hamper Me has been providing beautiful hand decorated gift hampers since 2003. Many repeat customers have been very happy with the wide selection of gifts baskets delivered across Australia the next day.

If you live far away from your dad, it may not always be possible to wish him a happy Father's Day in person. Still, distance shouldn't mean that you can't send your love to him from afar. One way to wow your dad is by sending him one of our Fathers Day hampers. Since your dad is undoubtedly one of the most important people in your life, you'd probably like to show him how much you care in a unique and exciting way. The last thing you want to do is to send your dad something that is unthoughtful or generic. The beauty of a gift hamper is that they are always unique and special. Knowing that your dad is happy on Father's Day is a great feeling, and gift hampers are one of the simplest and most fun ways to make that happen.

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