Beautiful hand decorated gift hampers and baskets made locally here in Brisbane and delivered across Queensland & Australia-Wide.

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Hamper Me specialises in an extensive range of hampers including; real estate settlement gifts, anniversary gifts, corporate gifts, new born baby hampers, Thank you gifts,  chocolate gift boxes, gourmet good, champagne & wine gifts, Valentine's Day & Christmas hampers. We also tailor make hampers for that special occasion, and can work with you to create the hamper or basket of your choice.

If you have any questions or requests please call us on 1300 085 949 is a independent boutique gift hamper business based in Brisbane and sending hampers across Australia since 2003.

There are all sorts of hampers out there for just about every occasion. There are fathers day hampersGet well hampers and welcoming a new baby hampers. But there is no need to wait for a special occasion when there is a staff member who deserves it. Every hamper available contains scrumptious treats and often a keepsake gift. There are no set choices when the gift hamper to be given is just to say thanks for a job well done. Naturally the selection process will start in the corporate gift hampers section however if there is a hamper deemed more suitable in another category then it is still guaranteed to be just as gratefully accepted.

Who doesn’t like treats?

Everybody likes a tasty treat every now and then, even the most disciplined eater can be swayed from time to time with delights to tempt the taste buds and that is why beautiful hampers are so popular.

Hampers in Brisbane need to cover all the different tastes that people can have so it doesn’t matter if your intended has a sweet tooth or a savoury preference, you are guaranteed to find something that will delight, especially from Hamper Me.

Our hampers are beautifully presented and put together in such a way that they will be perfect for any occasion. On the website you can easily search for a particular style of hamper by using the different occasion tabs, but you can still buy any hamper from any section for any reason you want, and that’s why they are perfect.

So if you have a special Brisbane occasion to buy a gift or just wish to buy a gift to let someone know you care, visit Hamper Me online at to view all the fantastic hampers they have available for delivery at a very reasonable price.


No time like the present.

Brisbane staff that are putting in the extra yards for the company they work for are very valuable team members to have. Working through lunches or back late to meet deadlines and coming in for a few hours on a weekend are very committed actions to take for a job. It is these kinds of team members that help keep a business running smoothly and without them it would be harder for a supervisor to meet their own work commitments. Waiting for the end of the year may seem like a logical thing to do but it is actually so much more wise and special to thank staff for their hard work straight away. By waiting for the end of the year there is the risk of staff feeling as though their efforts have been overlooked and lose the motivation to continue to work hard. Where immediate gratitude is showed a staff member is more likely to continue striving to work above and beyond expectation.

Beautifully presented hampers will not only show staff they are appreciated, they will encourage other staff to achieve the same recognition. Happy staff are productive staff and in the end everyone wins.

The New Year in Brisbane is a time when many friends and family get together for dinner parties. Those who have not been able to get together for Christmas or those who just want to catch up and celebrate new beginnings choose this time for reunions.

With a range of baskets under $60, you can easily find something to suit the occasion and the person you are buying for.

No one escapes the predicament of needing to choose the perfect gift. Even if it happens once a year, you will no doubt be on the search for the very thing to suit any occasion. On the other hand, you may want to give a gift for no reason at all, simply to show you care, but this sentiment will still have you searching for the best gift.

Online convenience

Travelling to a store is no longer your only option for buying gifts and this makes the task a far easier one to execute. Thanks to the internet, there is so much to see and buy that was never there before, and there is nothing you can’t get.

Choosing the right gift

With so much on offer to buy as gifts it can be confusing as to which gift is going to say the right thing, convey the right feeling and of course, get the most appreciation. Part of gift giving is about feeling the joy of knowing you have chosen the right gift, but what is it?

The trick for gift giving is thinking about what the recipient likes. Often people buy a gift because they like it and so the recipient may end up giving a hollow "thank you" as the gift is not really to their liking.





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